You’re not a student any more…but you can still be a Friend!

Some of your most memorable high school moments likely were in Students for 60,000 – “Tootsie-rolling” in supermarkets, cardboard box sleepovers at SHANTY, the kids in Nicaragua….?

While you may not be a student any more — you can still be a FriendFriends of Students for 60,000 was created so that worthwhile work can continue.  Our core group meets monthly, but our organization extends to college campuses and cities throughout the U.S. and beyond!  So we invite you to join us.  How?  Consider joining with an annual membership donation. ($100 is a nice round number — plus it’s tax deductible!)  Or whatever you can give.

What does it mean to be a member of Friends?  It means you are part of a group bringing running water and solar power to an isolated community in Nicaragua.  It means you are helping build homes in Chacraseca, and provide needed recreation for children and youth.  You are supporting soup kitchens, homeless shelters, community gardens.  You are meeting the needs of those most in need — yet again.    You are continuing the vision.

Checks can be made out to Friends of Students for 60,000 and sent to Pete White, 16 Stony Hollow Rd., Centerport NY 11721.   — And while you’re at it, send word of what you’ve been up to, and pictures — we’d love to hear from you!

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