Calling all SF60K alumni — don’t forget to keep us posted, especially what you’ve been doing to help the poor as you go about your adult lives!  Message us on Facebook or by email – we’d love to hear from you!  Please consider becoming virtual members of Friends of Students, it’s easy and gratifying – just an email or a donation is all it takes!

ADULT WORKING TRIP to Nicaragua with Friends and Pete White. Many first-time participants experienced  home-building and repairs, progress on the recreational “Field of Dreams,” and other projects in both Chacraseca and Nuevo Amanecer, in addition to discovering the warmth and gratitude of the Nicaraguan people.

Couldn’t go?  …Please consider sending a donation to our projects on your behalf.  See the paypal link or send a check to Pete White made out to FSF60K.  All donations fully tax-deductible.

AND, OUR  HOLIDAY POSTCARD FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN IS NOW UNDERWAY!  Please watch for a photo postcard in the mail as we try to surpass our success of last year on behalf of the poor.  — (Or, just send a check! ) Our thanks in advance.

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