A CHALLENGE MET!! Thanks to all of you working together!
Once again, Friends has met the challenge of the California-based SG Foundation, raising money to build more houses in an impoverished community in Nicaragua. The SC Foundation will match the entire sum of $12,000  raised by Friends ( “The good thing about this fundraising initiative is that we raised the whole sum the old fashioned way, one donor at a time,” said Peter White, founder and co-director. The combined $24,000 will be used to build at least eight homes, homes that are desperately needed by families whose income is typically a couple of dollars a day. Their homes, which the families will help to pay for, will be made of brick or cement block, unlike the typical shack made of discarded wood, plastic and cardboard. (For a look at life in Chacraseca, search “students for 60,000” on Youtube or see our link down the page.) The SC Foundation previously has made matching grants to Friends of $6,000 and $10,000. For further information, contact Peter White at

And…if you didn’t have a chance to donate, please remember that THE NEED CONTINUES.  See the donation information later on the website.  All donations go 100% to projects and are tax-deductible!

ENJOY A VIDEO OF A NICA trip - see old friends and relive/share the experience, thanks to Friends’ co-founder Dick Wiltamuth!

SmileGREAT NEWS!!!  On June 18 2014, Friends of Students for 60,000 was approved for a third challenge (matching) grant, this time for $12,000, from the California-based humanitarian SG Foundation to continue our house-building in Chacraseca!

This means that we really need to reach out to our donors so that we can have the funds to match this grant!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making a donation NOW for safe housing for the poor in Chacraseca. (click the DONATE button to donate through paypal!)

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