Pete White swims for the poor

As you know, Friends has recently received a $12000 matching grant opportunity to construct houses for homeless families in Nicaragua. Currently we have raised $8000 and are trying hard to raise the remaining $4000. To that end, last week Pete White, 67, an avid recreational swimmer, “went for a dip” of 2.1 miles from Centerport Beach to Sand City. He hopes Friends‘ members and friends will support his effort with a modest pledge for this solo swim-a-thon. Pete was ready and up to the challenge, having seen much poverty throughout the world and working hard for many years to alleviate it.  Bravo, Pete!

Friends awaits donations, in any amount, to celebrate Pete’s effort and bring us closer to our goal!  Please visit our website to donate by Paypal, or send a tax-deductible check to FSF60K, 16 Stony Hollow Road, Centerport NY 11721.

“I did it, all 2 miles, in about an hour and a half in open water. I went w/o wetsuit for first half mi., then got a bit cold so put it on and did the remaining 1.5 mi.

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