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Greetings, friends!

I’ll be traveling once again during mid-August to bring assistance to the very poor folks in northwestern Nicaragua.  I’m leading a group of ten Long Islanders, two of whom are doctors.  We also have three teenagers, and five others.  As usual, while there we’ll be funding and helping construct two sturdy houses for homeless families, bringing our total in the past four years to 30 houses.  We’ll also be furthering work on a park we’ve been constructing since 2013.  The children of the region have never had any recreational opportunities, so this park, named for Maryknoll missionary Sister Joan Uhlen who lived in Nicaragua for more than 40 years, is very important for the community.

In addition, we intend to bring some assistance to a very poor community called El Jicarito, located northeast of the city of Leon.  El Jicarito is made up of several hundred families who lack mostly everything.  They are wonderful, patient people who have not asked for much, so we want to be of whatever help we can.

While things are getting better in some of the regions in which we work, hunger, poor housing conditions, sanitation and unemployment remain problems for many.  If you’d like to help, please consider once again making a tax-deductible contribution made out to our 501c3 charitable organization, Friends of Students for 60000, and sending it to me at 16 Stony Hollow Rd., Centerport NY 11721.  Or, see the Paypal option on this website.

Mil gracias, a thousand thanks,

Pete White

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You’re not a student any more…but you can still be a Friend!

Some of your most memorable high school moments likely were in Students for 60,000 – “Tootsie-rolling” in supermarkets, cardboard box sleepovers at SHANTY, the kids in Nicaragua….?

While you may not be a student any more — you can still be a FriendFriends of Students for 60,000 was created so that worthwhile work can continue.  Our core group meets monthly, but our organization extends to college campuses and cities throughout the U.S. and beyond!  So we invite you to join us.  How?  Consider joining with an annual membership donation. ($100 is a nice round number — plus it’s tax deductible!)  Or whatever you can give.

What does it mean to be a member of Friends?  It means you are part of a group bringing running water and solar power to an isolated community in Nicaragua.  It means you are helping build homes in Chacraseca, and provide needed recreation for children and youth.  You are supporting soup kitchens, homeless shelters, community gardens.  You are meeting the needs of those most in need — yet again.    You are continuing the vision.

Checks can be made out to Friends of Students for 60,000 and sent to Pete White, 16 Stony Hollow Rd., Centerport NY 11721.   — And while you’re at it, send word of what you’ve been up to, and pictures — we’d love to hear from you!

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JOIN US! Upcoming Nicaragua trips for September 2016 and late January 2017 are in the works, with the exciting possibility of including new groups of Long Island teachers and local church congregations!    For more information, contact Pete White.

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Our latest ADULT WORKING TRIP to Nicaragua with Friends and Pete White took place very successfully December 1 – 8, 2015.  Many first-time participants experienced  home-building and repairs, progress on the recreational “Field of Dreams,” and other projects in both Chacraseca and Nuevo Amanecer, in addition to discovering the warmth and gratitude of the Nicaraguan people.

Couldn’t go this time?  …Please consider sending a donation to our projects on your behalf.  See the paypal link or send a check to Pete White made out to FSF60K.  All donations fully tax-deductible.

AND, OUR 2015 HOLIDAY POSTCARD FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN IS NOW UNDERWAY!  Please watch for a photo postcard in the mail as we try to surpass our success of last year on behalf of the poor.  — (Or, just send a check! ) Our thanks in advance.

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Calling all SF60K alumni — don’t forget to keep us posted, especially what you’ve been doing to help the poor as you go about your adult lives!  Message us on Facebook or by email – we’d love to hear from you!  Please consider becoming virtual members of Friends of Students, it’s easy and gratifying – just an email or a donation is all it takes!

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Very successful 2014 Holiday Fundraising Campaign!

We will be building 10 more houses, thanks to all of you and our grant – lots more are needed of course – and we’ve accomplished a lot toward creating a multi-use recreational park/sports field for the children and youth of Chac! We’ve leveled over half of the 12 acres, packed down the land with steam rollers, built a system to carry rainwater off during heavy rainy seasons from the baseball and soccer fields to the road way below, and now  constructed a sturdy steel backstop. No easy feats, and plenty of negotiation…
Please consider helping us with any donation, no donation is too small and needs are still great! See our Paypal information, or mail a check to 16 Stony Hollow Rd, Centerport NY 11721. Muchisimas gracias!
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Giving Tuesday

Please remember FRIENDS of SF60K today, on Giving Tuesday — OUR NEEDS ARE STILL GREAT toward the poor.
To those who helped us meet our housing challenge, THANK YOU!! To those who meant to help with our projects but haven’t gotten to it yet … today can be the day!
Donate directly on our website,, via Paypal. All funds go directly to projects, and all contributions are tax-deductible.
Mil gracias de parte de todos los que tienen necesitad.

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A CHALLENGE MET!! Thanks to all of you working together!
Once again, Friends has met the challenge of the California-based SG Foundation, raising money to build more houses in an impoverished community in Nicaragua. The SC Foundation will match the entire sum of $12,000  raised by Friends ( “The good thing about this fundraising initiative is that we raised the whole sum the old fashioned way, one donor at a time,” said Peter White, founder and co-director. The combined $24,000 will be used to build at least eight homes, homes that are desperately needed by families whose income is typically a couple of dollars a day. Their homes, which the families will help to pay for, will be made of brick or cement block, unlike the typical shack made of discarded wood, plastic and cardboard. (For a look at life in Chacraseca, search “students for 60,000” on Youtube or see our link down the page.) The SC Foundation previously has made matching grants to Friends of $6,000 and $10,000. For further information, contact Peter White at

And…if you didn’t have a chance to donate, please remember that THE NEED CONTINUES.  See the donation information later on the website.  All donations go 100% to projects and are tax-deductible!

ENJOY A VIDEO OF A NICA trip - see old friends and relive/share the experience, thanks to Friends’ co-founder Dick Wiltamuth!

SmileGREAT NEWS!!!  On June 18 2014, Friends of Students for 60,000 was approved for a third challenge (matching) grant, this time for $12,000, from the California-based humanitarian SG Foundation to continue our house-building in Chacraseca!

This means that we really need to reach out to our donors so that we can have the funds to match this grant!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider making a donation NOW for safe housing for the poor in Chacraseca. (click the DONATE button to donate through paypal!)

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